Bathroom remodeling in Aurora is your chance to make sure your new space has everything you could possibly want. It is important to think through all of the possible aspects that will benefit you and your family both in the short and long-term! Our professionals at River Oak Cabinetry & Design have the experience to know what facets make up a quality master bathroom.

Double Sinks

How many times have you been in the bathroom in the morning with your partner only to both need the sink at the same time? Rather than fighting over who gets the sink first, why not invest in two side-by-side sinks? If you’re going for a sleek look, you can opt for an under-mounted sink, which means the sink is attached to the underside of a countertop. This will make sure there is no raised sink rim.

Good Lighting

What’s a bathroom to get ready in if you don’t have good lighting? From our bathroom remodeling experience in Aurora, we’ve learned that natural light is the best type of lighting you can have. If your bathroom currently has a window, this is a great source of natural light. You can also install a skylight window above your sink that will let in plenty of sunshine.


Don’t be afraid for your bathroom to show off your style! Yes, you can always find inspiration from other photos and projects online, but also be mindful of adding your own personal touch to the bathroom. After all, it is yours!

Let River Oak Cabinetry & Design help you build your dream master bathroom! Contact us today to get started.