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Bathroom Remodeling
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Bathroom Remodeling
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Scheduling a bathroom remodel in Naperville can make all your dreams come true

When it comes to your bathroom, every homeowner wants a serene, relaxed space to ready themselves each day. Additionally, providing a clean and comfortable bathroom for guests is a focus as well. If your bathroom is small, cramped, crowded or straight out of the 1970s, you may be dreaming of an update.

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Whatever your reason, our experts can create a bathroom to fit your needs and desires

Additions, upgrades, and improvements are the framework for many home renovations.  And there are many great reasons for a bathroom remodel in Naperville. Creating additional space for a master bathroom, increasing the value of your home, or fixing an outdated eyesore are just a few. Maybe you are considering renovating your space for some particular physical needs.

It doesn’t matter if you have planned your bathroom out to the last detail, or if you have only a vague idea; our expert designers will work with you every step of the way to create a bathroom that will bring you joy for years to come. Turn your master bath into a truly breathtaking retreat or build an additional bathroom for your growing family. No project is too complex for our team of professionals.

At River Oak Cabinetry and Design, we have proven we are the experts we claim to be

Any bathroom remodeling contractor in Naperville you hire should be experienced and licensed. From our sales team to our installation team and everything in between, we are dedicated and determined to give you a bathroom you can love, depend on, and even brag about to your friends.

Your first step to improving your home is contacting us either by phone or more preferably by utilizing our website form by clicking the contact us button.  There you will find information regarding investment levels and gives you some space to tell us about your project.

Remember, no project is too simple or too complex. Let’s bring beauty and efficiency to the room you most often begin and end your day in.


River Oak Cabinetry & Design offers creative design as well as professional and expert installation.  We specialize in bath remodeling.

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BATHROOM Remodeling

Bathtub v. Large Shower

Should we keep our master bathroom bathtub for our home’s resale value?

So many clients ask this exact bathtub question. During the same conversation we then hear how they never use the bathtub. It is our recommendation, if you are not an avid bath person, that you do not keep the tub! It is likely that you have a hall bath that is equipped with a bathtub. If that’s the case, your house will retain the ‘bathtub’ element for resale value. We do believe having at least one tub in the home is important for resale value. The hall bath will provide the tub for washing little ones and or bubble filled soaks when you need one.
Now imagine what you gain in your master bath by removing the tub. Maybe it will be extra storage for linens, an enlarged shower, a double vanity…there are plenty of options to create a bathroom of your dreams with the added space when removing your tub.

Bathroom Renovation Costs

Why do bathroom renovations seem high priced when the rooms are smaller than a kitchen?

One thing to remember is that like kitchens, the electricity, and plumbing are addressed.  Also like the kitchen, there is tile and flooring to consider. There’s even cabinetry in the way of the vanity or storage towers. We can’t forget countertops and lighting too. So the footprint is smaller, therefore material costs may be less, but every aspect of a bathroom is touched during a renovation just the same as a kitchen.

Professional renovations do increase the value of your property. And when people are looking at selling their homes, an outdated bathroom can be a hindrance to a timely sale. Many things can be updated with cosmetic alterations and elbow grease, but an old or dilapidated bathroom will always show its renovation needs.

Aging in Place

In recent years, far more focus has been on aging in place.  More and more, caretakers are coming into the home to care for elderly homeowners so they can remain in the comfortable space they have created over many years.

By updating the bathroom, you can make small changes that will serve you well in the future no matter what your age or circumstances.  And if your eye is on design, there are full lines of ADA compatible fixtures and hardware to create a very stylish and elegant space. No longer are the choices merely an institutional look with a focus only on function.

Some of these changes to aid in ones’s future would be a walk in, or wheel chair accessible shower, stylish grab bars to match your fixtures, or even built in seating for the shower.  Theres a beautiful solution for everything!


It’s likely that when you first moved in, your bathrooms weren’t exactly what you wanted. Bathroom remodeling allows you to achieve the exact design, style, and atmosphere you have in mind. 

Remodeling will improve your bathroom’s functionality. Maybe that will be increased storage, addressing fixtures that have become outdated, poor lighting or adding a heated floor to a historically cold room in your home. Increasing the electrical supply is often a problem being corrected. Now there are electric outlets within medicine cabinets, or installed inside drawers.  The possibilities are seemingly endless!

When upgrading a bathroom, you can make significant changes while staying within your plumbing footprint. River Oak creates a custom space. Our design experts will measure every square inch to utilize your space to its highest potential.   

Why choose River Oak Cabinetry and Design?

When doing a bathroom remodel in Naperville, you want a company you can trust. We have the track record and experience that will help put your mind at ease that your bathroom remodel will exceed all your expectations. We dedicate ourselves completely to our projects no matter size or complexity.  We pride ourselves on offering valuable service for your investment when it comes to any bathroom remodeling in Naperville.

Those expectations don’t just apply to the final look of your bathroom. We’re committed to ensuring the design process, installation, and future use of your bathroom are all up to the very highest standards.



River Oak Cabinetry has completed hundreds of remodeling projects since 2009, in Naperville and the surrounding areas.  Whether it is a master bath, or all the bathrooms in your home, we are ready and able to take on your project with the finesse and experience you expect a premier Naperville contractor to possess.

From the start, you will experience our very thorough process.  You will be provided a scope of work and detailed schedule so you know the process from beginning to end.  You will have a designer to work with if you choose, and a project manager to follow the daily activities of your renovation. We will be there for you and with you until your project is finished.  Let’s get started today.

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