There’s nothing better than unwinding with a little spa treatment after a long day. But what if you could create this relaxing experience in your own home? Transform your cluttered bathroom into a dream spa space with bathroom remodeling in Wheaton, IL.

Upgrade Your Showerhead

Investing in a new showerhead will transform your showering experience. Treat yourself to a massage showerhead with multiple settings catering to your different moods.

Choose Calming Colors

Cool colors like blues, greens and grays will help calm your mind and body as soon as you enter. Choosing a bold wall paint or rug could distract from the overall spa feel that you are trying to create.

Spring for New Towels

While the nicest towels tend to be a little more expensive, wrapping yourself in the perfect fluffy towel after a hot shower makes all the difference.


An organized bathroom is key in helping to clear your mind. Try not to leave anything unnecessary on the counter and make sure to put products away after you use them. Keep your essentials in a handy place and transfer everything you don’t use daily to the garbage or beneath the sink.

Add Accessories

Take your space to the next level by decorating with candles, plants and artwork. Surrounding yourself with little things that make you happy will allow you to fully relax and feel at home.

Need help in achieving the ultimate spa design? Contact River Oak Cabinetry for all your bathroom remodeling needs in Wheaton, IL.