Help with Paint Swatches

Generally we all have an idea of what color we would like to paint a room, right? Green, beige, etc. We know many things about what attributes we want—green but not too yellowy….more moss colored…not too dark. Sound familiar? Then you go to the paint store and study the swatches. Well, learning about the LRV […]

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Updating Laundry Rooms

Let’s talk laundry. We gather and bring dirty clothing to laundry machines. We wash, we dry, we hang, we fold.

Then we transport the clean laundry and put it away. Ugh! It’s a necessary chore that you cannot put off indefinitely unless, of course, you have an open budget on clothing. If so, have at it. […]

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Who Do We Work With?


Here at River Oak Cabinetry, we work with an array of clients that have different needs when it comes to their kitchen and bath remodel. No matter what you need, we focus on creative and timely results. We make sure to listen to what you want out of your kitchen or bath remodel. We understand […]

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