Naperville Bathroom RemodelingAny good realtor will tell you — kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Whether you’re looking to sell your house in the near future or you’re just looking to create a beautiful and tranquil retreat for your own use, consider the top trends in bathroom remodeling in Naperville. While it’s not necessary to include all these trends in bathroom remodeling in a Naperville home, think about them and make a list of the most important things for your home.


#1 Trend In Bathroom Remodeling In Naperville: Thoughtful Cabinet Space And Finishes


If you’re looking to create a space that’s ideal for pampering and relaxing, the last thing you want to look at is mini electronics like electric shavers, hair dryers or hair straighteners. Instead of leaving these electronics out on the countertops, have a special place built into your bathroom remodeling project. Small touches like electric outlets hidden in medicine cabinets can help everything remain easily accessible, but tucked away when not in use.


Another trend in bathroom remodeling in Naperville is custom-built vanities. With a custom-built vanity, homeowners will be able to select everything from scratch, including the drawer size, wood finish and hardware.


#2 Trend In Bathroom Remodeling In Naperville: Garden Tubs


Years ago, a Jacuzzi tub was the must have item in any bathroom remodeling in Naperville. However, homeowners now are realizing just what a pain it can be to keep the jets in a Jacuzzi clean, not to mention that you’re not supposed to use any bath additives like bath salts or bubbles with a jetted Jacuzzi tub. Then there’s all the noise whenever the Jacuzzi jets are in use — who can relax with all that racket?


Instead, today’s homeowners are opting for a quiet and relaxing garden soaking tub. These deep tubs have plenty of room for relaxing, they’re easy to clean and homeowners can add bubbles, bath oils or salts without worrying about damaging the internal workings of the tub.


#3 Trend In Bathroom Remodeling In Naperville: Expanded Shower Space


Another trend is a large, luxurious shower, complete with a tiled bench. Some of these showers are enclosed with glass doors, while others are large enough that homeowners can simply walk in without worrying about water ending up throughout the entire bathroom. The large shower leaves plenty of room for multiple shower heads, which is ideal if two people of different heights are sharing a bathroom — there’s no need to adjust the shower head after your extra tall husband has taken his shower if you have your own tailored to your height.


These are just some of the top trends in bathroom remodeling in Naperville. Whether you’re looking for a mini update or you want to complete an entire bathroom overhaul, let the professionals at River Oak Cabinetry help. We can help design and implement the entire remodel from start to finish. To see a gallery of our finished kitchen or bathroom remodels, please visit the rest of our site.