Is it okay to eliminate a bathtub or tub/shower combination in favor of larger shower stall?

The question of whether it’s okay to eliminate a tub/shower combination, or bathtub, in favor of a larger shower stall is a very common question.

In the majority of households, the shower gets more use than the tub.  Getting rid of tubs entirely and going for a more spacious stand up shower stall has indeed become a trend.  But the caution here is in regards to your return on investment (ROI).  Your personal taste may be well suited for a tub free bathroom, but consider the types of buyers who may be interested in your property when it comes time to sell.  If it’s likely to be a family, you may need to consider keeping a tub.

In researching within our own experience, home value experts and fellow professionals, we believe a sensible conclusion has been reached.  So long as you have one tub on the property, be it stand alone or a tub/shower combination, you can safely decide to eliminate additional tubs.   Oftentimes the tub remains in the shared full bath, and the master bath contains the upgraded larger shower stall.