River Oak Cabinetry & Design knows that beginning your Naperville kitchen remodeling project can be both an exciting time as well as a stressful one. Yes, updating the space that manyAvoid These Common Mistakes While Remodeling consider the “heart” of a home can be fun; however, with so many style and layout options available, the entire process can quickly start to feel overwhelming. This is especially true if you are a homeowner navigating through kitchen remodeling in Naperville with plans of selling your property in the near future; it’s imperative to carefully walk the thin line between creating what you like so you’ll enjoy living there, and creating a final look that will appeal to the buying masses and enhance your home’s overall value.

Fortunately, enjoying successful kitchen remodeling in Naperville is absolutely possible with just a little advanced planning from River Oak Cabinetry. Understanding (and avoiding) some common renovation missteps before you begin your kitchen remodeling in Naperville can help ensure that your final look and layout delivers everything you’re looking for and, ultimately, saves you from enduring any post-project remorse.

Finding The Right Contractor Is Crucial To Your Naperville Kitchen Remodeling Project

What’s the first mistake to avoid when delving into kitchen remodeling in Naperville? Choosing the wrong contractor to partner with. Whether you need someone to manage the entire design for you, or simply someone to fill in the gaps on your do-it-yourself project, your chosen provider will have a significant influence on the ultimate success of the project. When sourcing contractors, always look for a provider that has the experience, skills and operational history you’ll need to professionally manage everything on your to-do list. Additionally, always look for a team that offers an extensive portfolio of services and capabilities to eliminate the need to outsource multiple project components – having as close to a “one stop shopping” solution as possible can quickly streamline the renovation experience for optimal convenience. Finally, always ask for references from your prospective kitchen contractors to further validate their quality of work and overall commitment to customer satisfaction.

Other Mistakes To Avoid During Your Kitchen Remodeling In Naperville

Once you’ve found the right contractor, you’re officially on the right path to remodeling success! However, there are still a few other mistakes to avoid during your renovation. When designing your dream layout, don’t shortchange yourself on the counter space; having enough room to work has a direct correlation with how functional your final design will be. Always consider how much counter space you’ll need to give you the room required for prepping food, doing homework, eating and even just hanging out.

Another critical misstep when undergoing a kitchen remodel? Not enough storage space. Not only will you need cabinet/pantry space for food and spices, but you’ll also need convenient, accessible solutions to store cutlery and large prepping items like food processors, toasters and crockpots. Setting aside part of your budget for storage solutions can help optimize the efficiency of your final design.

Finally, when embarking on kitchen remodeling in Naperville, avoid being lured into a look that is overly trendy. Yes, bright bold cabinet colors may be in right now, but can you picture yourself enjoying them a year from now? Five years from now? Updating your style while keeping a steady focus on function over fad is the best way to ensure that your new kitchen will look modern and deliver long-term enjoyment.

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