ROC footprint kitchen

This Naperville kitchen received a nice update staying within its existing footprint. Keeping a kitchen within the existing footprint is a good way to control costs on a kitchen remodel. Keeping appliances in their existing locations and cabinets covering the same floor space helps save valuable remodeling dollars that can be used elsewhere. If existing floors are in good condition, this can eliminate the need for refinishing or replacing floors.

We are able to still make many great changes that help your kitchen function more efficiently. In this kitchen, we replaced a pantry closet with a new pantry cabinet with rollouts that allowed us to gain some extra space on the refrigerator wall. We also modified the peninsula by adding an overhang for bar stools. The peninsula also has a cabinet that is now accessible from the backside of the peninsula, giving them some great storage in a corner that wasn’t used previously.

In addition, we eliminated the soffits giving them extra height on their wall cabinets. Decorative door panels and furniture base on the back and side of their peninsula and two piece crown and light rail molding on their cabinets add to a detailed, custom look in their new kitchen.

Tumbled marble with glass accents on the backsplash, granite countertops with undermount stainless sink and new molding around windows and doors add to the updated look.