YellowYellow is one of the easiest colors to see from a distance hence taxis being yellow. In racing, a yellow flag signals caution. “Tie a yellow ribbon ‘round the old oak tree”, sang Tony Orlando in the 70s, to send a message about romance. Yellow ribbons in hair and around trees have also become a way to symbolize a welcoming home or remembrance of military service people.

In Feng Shui, yellow is considered the absolute color of happiness and warmth according to a published Feng Shui practitioner. She added that the correct use of these colors will bring a vibrant warmth but also gentle energy.

Conversely, the professionals at Color Matters, a website authored by Color Professor, Jill Morton, says yellow is one of the most fatiguing of colors. Yellow, being bright, reflects more light and can overstimulate the eye.

Eyes are not the only part of anatomy to become excessively stimulated. A 1980s study conducted by Harry Wohlfarth, a professor at University of Alberta, Canada, suggests that additional physical reactions occur. His study showed that blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates increased the most under yellow light. Maybe the old wives’ tales about babies crying more in a yellow room had some credence after all?

Whatever your choice, just remember that the vivid lemon yellows may indeed be best in moderation either as accent colors or in a small space like a powder room. Note: yellow is a wonderful companion for most blues, grey and similar citrus tones.