March 20th marks the official start of spring! Before we know it, we will be ditching our winter coats and pulling out our sunscreen. A change of seasons is a great time to get rid of unwanted items in your household and clean areas of your kitchen that you normally wouldn’t. At River Oak Cabinetry & Design, not only can we help you with your kitchen remodeling in Wheaton, IL, but we want to help you get your cleanest house yet!

Clean Your Appliances

Kitchen appliances like your microwave and oven have likely been ignored throughout the winter months. For your microwave, take out the rotating plate and wipe it clean. If anything has exploded or splattered in your microwave, make sure to wipe down the inside as well. This is a quick task that will help you feel like your kitchen is put together. To clean your oven, take out the racks and wipe them down. Also, wipe down the inside to get rid of pieces of food that have built up on the inside. Finish by running the self-cleaning cycle on your oven.

Deep Clean Your Floors

When is the last time you scrubbed your kitchen floors? If you don’t remember, it is probably time to do it again or call a local Wheaton cleaning service. Start by removing any moveable furniture from your kitchen so you can access all parts of your floor. Sweep the floor to get rid of food particles and spot clean any high-traffic areas that have stains. Finish by mopping the floor with a heavy duty floor cleaner.

Wipe Down & Organize

Wipe down all surfaces in your kitchen including your countertops and storage drawers. If you have food items in your pantry or refrigerator that you know you will not use, now is a good time to throw it out.

Are you frustrated with your current kitchen’s layout or appliances? Contact our team today to get started with kitchen remodeling in Aurora.