Your bathroom isn’t necessarily a large part of your house, but that doesn’t mean it has to be lacking in storage space. A large part of bathroom design in Wheaton is evaluating your space and determining where specific storage elements can be incorporated. Throughout our years of experience, we have determined some tried-and-true ways to help our clients organize their bathrooms. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or want to think of creative storage ideas, here are some helpful organization tips.

Utilize Baskets

If your sink has space underneath it, invest in a couple of different baskets to help store your towels. Think wicker or rattan brown baskets that will help give your towels a sense of functionality and aesthetic appeal simultaneously.

Utilize the Inside of Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors are the perfect space to store items such as hair tools, scissors, clips, nail trimmers, makeup and more! There are subtle shelving units and magnet strips that you can install on the inside of your cabinet doors to create an out-of-sight approach to organization.

Lazy Susans are Your Friend

Lazy Susans make it easy to see what products you still have and in what departments you are running low. Plus, reaching for something in the back of your cabinet does not have to be complicated; simply spin the tray to reach what you need!

Stack Shelves

It’s expected that there is some sort of shelving when it comes to bathroom design in Wheaton, but have you thought to stack shelves to help increase the amount of storage space? Shelves are an easy way to make your bathroom look good and become more functional.

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