sof·fit noun \’sä-fƏt\

Like the 1970s faux brick and bald eagle wallpaper, the soffit is something people want to have removed from their kitchens.  It seems to be wasted space to many homeowners.  A great place to hang a clock….or any number of collections until you’ve just had enough!  You want it gone.

Most often there is something housed within a soffit on at least one of the wall runs; heating, electrical or plumbing.  Surely you’ve heard stories, big ticket stuff.  Plans gone awry!  It does happen.  But before River Oak Cabinetry finalizes remodel plans with our client, we explore the soffits for any content that could cause a financial or construction surprise.   

Recently upon exploring a soffit we found a main plumbing pipe.  The wall with the pipe was to have a chimney style hood installed as well as a corner cabinet with glass doors.  To explore all options available to our client, we called in the plumber.  The plumber provided a quote to reroute the plumbing line; freeing up the space for 42” cabinets, chimney hood and beautiful tile backsplash.  Then the client decided this was the direction they wished to go.  Plans can be changed easily when they are on paper.  No surprises here!

Another client example was a soffit containing HVAC ducts.  After calling in our HVAC professional, this reroute was determined to be extensive and cost prohibitive.  So our solution in this example was to remove the soffit, install the new 42” cabinets and then rebuild the soffit on the interior of the cabinet.  Our installer, Leo, does this often.  This interior soffit is made from the same material as the interior of the cabinet.  In some cases, the “Leo soffit” is smaller and more fitted to the necessary obstruction that is housed in the original soffit.  Depending on the depth of the cabinet, the interior soffit has limited impact on storage. 

Based on what is housed in your soffits, many times the solution is manageable with minimal cost.  When the solution is cost prohibitive or impossible, we make it a priority to face the problem and create a solution with our clients.  Surprises are for celebrations, not your pocketbook!