Is bigger better? What motivates people to renovate their kitchens? What wins in the countertop debate? What is the popular choice in appliances these days?

Houzz released a survey that answers these questions and more. Houzz is a website and online community encompassing all things home improvement. It covers architecture, interior design, decorating and landscape design. River Oak Cabinetry participates in Houzz – look for us while you are checking it all out!

Recently published in K&B Design News, Houzz polled more than 7,500 consumers about current remodeling projects, plans and progress. Is bigger better? Just over three-quarters of those polled answers imply that this isn’t necessarily the case. This majority says their remodel involved opening up space to other rooms but not adding actual square footage. Additionally, in keeping with the open space design, 61% of respondents are incorporating an island into their design.

Motivation to remodel comes in many forms. The top four of this survey were:

  1. 79% want to improve the aesthetic of their space
  2. 59% desired improved function of their space
  3. 52% were motivated by upgrading appliances
  4. 48% needed more effective storage

As a top remodeling feature, 94% of those polled are changing their countertops as part of their project. If we were to track River Oak Cabinetry remodels, 100% of our kitchen remodels have involved new countertops as part of the project. According to the survey, granite wins at 50%, quartz at 36%, and butcher block or wood at 12 percent. Other choices, such as laminate, concrete, stainless and tile, were indicated with reduced popularity.

The winner in the appliance category is stainless with a whopping 65 percent. Next in line is 16% integrated into cabinetry, followed by white or colored finishes, and lastly a combination of finishes. So, stainless wins, but how do the actual appliances stack up? Thirty-two percent desire a chef stove, 18% want a double oven, 9% like induction cooktops and tying at 7% are wine refrigerators and dishwasher drawers. The lowest percentage noted was for convection ovens, warming drawers and pot fillers.

Whether you are a design enthusiast, planning a project or just like browsing house pictures, is for you. It’s a great way to generate your own ideas or help nail down what you prefer for your project.

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