We are a pet friendly company.  Our company mascot is Sammi, the owners’ dog.  Sammi is a female Vizsla (vizh-la), also known as a Hungarian Pointer.  She doesn’t visit jobsites, but occasionally she comes to our showroom with Patty just for fun or for comfort during impending foul weather as she can get a little anxious.

Being dog people, we understand the accommodations that are made for pets and aren’t rattled by working in a home with animals.  To date we have worked with numerous cats and dogs, and even some birds – a big macaw that perched on her owner’s shoulder!

Although we cannot be responsible for the homeowners’ pets (i.e. feeding, pottying, etc) we are happy to interact and greet the pets while we are in your home.  For the pet’s comfort we do have a few suggestions to help your animals through the remodeling process.

Cats:  If your cat is not allowed outside, it may be best to confine him or her to their own space with all their usual comforts.  Oftentimes our tradesmen are in and out of the home and the possibility exists that a crafty kitty will get out.  Also construction noises can agitate cats so a comfy place for them to while away the day as the remodel progresses is ideal to alleviate stress.

Dogs:  Our canine clients are very curious and social – Who’s here? Wanna play?  Did you eat something? Can I have some? We do welcome the interaction.  However if the homeowner will not be home, it would be best for the dog to be confined especially if it is a young pup or of a more energetic variety.

We’ve worked in homes where the pets are not confined and we have not had any issues, but their safety is a concern.  One of the largest concerns is their leaving the property. Make sure your pet is wearing a current ID or is microchipped.

We clean up the project area daily.  However unlikely, the possibility exists for a stray nail, screw or material scrap to be left behind that a four legged friend could get a hold of.  Also, you should be aware of any holes in walls or floors during construction as it could be attractive to a curious pet who may squeeze into a small space and become frightened or trapped.

We truly enjoy our furry friends and have even dubbed Wednesday ‘River Oak Cabinetry’s Furry Friends Day’ on Facebook. We post pictures of our clients’ pets as well as share articles or funny videos relating to the wonderful world of animals.