Naperville bathroom remodelBathroom remodeling in Naperville is sure to disrupt your life — it can’t be avoided. Luckily, many homeowners report that this disruption is well worth the hassle, especially when they see the finished project. However, surviving bathroom remodeling in Naperville can be made easier, as long as you approach it with a sense of humor. Here are a few ways to survive in your home, even when the water’s turned off.

Surviving Your Bathroom Remodeling In Naperville: Take Advantage Of Your Gym Membership

If you have a gym membership, you can get more than just a great workout at your gym! Your gym is the perfect place to take a shower so you don’t have to worry about interfering with the construction process — or skipping a shower. If you’ve been thinking of joining a gym, this is the perfect opportunity. Some will even provide towels, shampoo and soap, which means you can reduce the amount of stuff that you have to haul back and forth from your home to your gym.

Surviving Your Bathroom Remodeling In Naperville: Shut Off Just The Water To The Bathroom

Depending on your bathroom’s layout, you probably have shut off valves for both the toilet and the sink, but what about the shower and tub? If you don’t know where they are or you don’t have them, ask your plumber to install them before the work begins. This ensures that you’ll be able to shut off the water’s access to your bathroom and still have water throughout the rest of your home.

Surviving Your Bathroom Remodeling In Naperville: Leave Your Contractors To Work In Peace

If you normally stay home throughout the day, consider finding another place to go while the work is ongoing. The noise of bathroom remodeling in Naperville can be quite loud and hard to listen to all day long. Try to find a coffee shop, a library or even a local mall to kill some time. It might be hard to be gone all day long, but any time you can spend away from home will help reduce the chance that you develop a headache from the noise. Of course, you should make sure that your contractors working on bathroom remodeling in Naperville have your cell phone number so they can call with any pressing questions.

Surviving Your Bathroom Remodeling In Naperville: Make Sure All The Items Arrive Before The Work Begins

If you’re including special tile or a custom ordered sink for your bathroom remodeling in Naperville, make sure that all the items have arrived before the demolition begins. This will ensure that you’re not waiting around with a demolished bathroom for pieces that haven’t arrived yet.

If you’re concerned with surviving your bathroom remodeling in Naperville, use these tips, but don’t stop there. If you have specific concerns about the timing and specifics of your project, let River Oak Cabinetry help ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

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