Whether you are simply after a timeless house or you are hoping to sell your home in the future, finding a classic bathroom design in Naperville has many benefits in the long-run. If you are looking for design inspiration, look no further than our team at River Oak Cabinetry and Design! After all, the last thing you want to worry about every few years is updating different aspects of your home.

Neutral Tile

When choosing your bathroom design in Naperville, tile is a great place to start. While tile itself is not extremely difficult to replace, it often involves removing fixtures like shower heads and toilets to access all areas of the bathroom. It’s tempting to choose a bold pattern for your tile to make a statement, but you might quickly get sick of it. Instead, choose a neutral tile such as white subway tile to make for a timeless look.

Traditional Fixture Colors

Fixture colors like brass and champagne gold are all the rage right now, but what if they go out of style in a few years? Opting for fixture colors like polished nickel will not only look good now, but for years to come as well.

Maximize Counter Space

In order to get the most out of your bathroom remodel, counter space needs to be maximized. Although it might not be apparent at first, you will thank yourself down the road!

If you’re hoping to complete a bathroom remodel at some point in the near future, contact our team at River Oak Cabinetry and Design today!