Now that you have the hardwood floors of your dreams thanks to our kitchen remodeling company near Naperville, it’s time to focus on what it takes to keep those floors in good condition. Both prevention tactics and maintenance techniques play a part in ensuring your floors aren’t damaged or compromised. Utilize these tips to keep your hardwood floors looking as good as new.

Vacuum Once a Week

The little particles of dirt and sand that inevitably enter your house will eventually take their toll on your hardwood floors. Just as sandpaper can be destructive, over time, the particles on your floor will wear through your floor’s finish. To keep excess particles to a minimum, vacuum once a week and try to encourage guests to take their shoes off when they enter your home.

Be Aware of Moisture

Our kitchen remodeling company near Naperville understand the damage water can have on your hardwood floors. Whether the floors are in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or throughout your entire house, make sure any surrounding windows don’t allow any water in while it’s raining. If you spill, try to wipe it up as soon as you can. The water can ruin the finish and seep deep into the wood and stain it.

Protect Furniture Damage

Place protective pads on the bottoms of furniture and use area rugs wherever you see fit. This will protect your floors from scratches and overall damage.

If you have questions about your hardwood floors or our kitchen remodeling services near Naperville, contact us today to get started!

Source: Reader’s Digest