Kitchen Remodeling Trends NapervilleAnyone who’s ever hosted a party knows that the kitchen is where everyone gathers. It’s a meeting place for friends and family to come together, as well as a homework spot for children and a space for families to reconnect after a day apart. It’s because they spend so much time in the kitchen that many families choose to create a kitchen space that they love. If you’re considering a Naperville kitchen remodeling job, think about including one or more of these trends to ensure that you have a room that you love spending time in.


Naperville Kitchen Remodeling Trend #1: A Mix Of Finishes


One of the top trends in Naperville kitchen remodeling is a mixture of cabinet finishes. Some homeowners choose to use a warm wood stain for their upper and lower cabinets, while including an island finished in white or a complementary color. Or, they choose painted upper cabinets and wooden lower cabinets. This helps create a focal point in the kitchen design that draws the eye to a certain spot, especially if you have an island that’s finished in a different shade.


Naperville Kitchen Remodeling Trend #2: Thoughtful Details


Homeowners want their kitchens to look great, but these rooms also need to be functional. Special touches like drawers that are built to hold lids from your pot and pan sets and hidden appliance garages can create special compartments that keeps clutter at bay, while stowing important appliances and equipment within easy reach.


Naperville Kitchen Remodeling Trend #3: Countertops


For years, granite and stone countertops were a part of the most popular Naperville kitchen remodeling trends. While these countertops are still quite popular, some other surfaces, such as stainless steel and wooden butcher block are making a comeback. If you’re considering installing stainless steel countertops in your kitchen, consider one with a patina, rather than a satin or polished finished. Stainless steel countertops are easily scratched and this patina can help hide scratches and imperfections. One benefit of these types of countertops is that they’re non-porous, which means that they’re ideal for homeowners who are looking for a surface that’s easily disinfected.


Naperville Kitchen Remodeling Trend #4: Double Ovens


Home cooks aren’t just making dinner for their families any more. Many homeowners love to entertain and that can mean cooking up a storm for their guests. Whether you’re cooking for your immediate family or cooking for a crowd, double ovens can help ensure that everything cooks at the right temperature, even if you’re baking your grandmother’s prized apple pie along with a Thanksgiving turkey big enough to feed 30. Double ovens were typically stacked on top of each other, but recent trends have them side-by-side, which ensures that homeowners have access to two full-sized ovens.


It’s certainly not necessary to include these top Naperville kitchen remodeling trends in your design, but if one really speaks to you, ask the kitchen designers at River Oak Cabinetry for help. We can draw up a design that you’ll love for years to come, whether it includes these top trends or others.