Let’s talk laundry. We gather and bring dirty clothing to laundry machines. We wash, we dry, we hang, we fold.

Then we transport the clean laundry and put it away. Ugh! It’s a necessary chore that you cannot put off indefinitely unless, of course, you have an open budget on clothing. If so, have at it. But the rest of us might need a boost in the laundry room department.

Lately we have been called upon to design and update several laundry rooms. Some, more extensive than others. But over- all, the spaces are bright and organized—a place to complete the inevitable laundry chores, and beyond. Common requests are built in storage, dedicated folding space, locker styled cubbies for each family member, and pet centers. The laundry room has become a multi-purposed space to accommodate a variety of roles.

The entirety of the above requests may seem beyond your space, but oftentimes elements can be incorporated into a smaller space to address your needs. Cabinetry above the washer and dryer that extends to the ceiling can provide excellent storage. If you have front load machines, merely adding a counter across the top of the machines for folding is a great way to increase functional space. Maybe a bar for hanging items? Hooks for coats and backpacks?

Another trend we are seeing in laundry room updates is designated pet areas; a place to store food, possibly a concealed cat litter box cabinet and space allotted for a dog crate to slide into an open space under a counter top. Going well beyond the norm is the addition of dog washing stations. Whatever works to make your day-to-day life easier is great—but please make sure your personal shower gets the first update before Fido has his own spa!

Having the proper tools for the job makes job completion easier via efficiency. The satisfaction felt when a job is completed brings us happiness. So, proper tools + efficiency + job completion = happiness.