Maybe it’s in your kitchen. Maybe it’s in your bathroom. Maybe it’s the top drawer of your dresser. We all have a junk drawer, or worse, a series of drawers that aren’t maximizing your true storage potential, leading to clutter all over the house. This isn’t how life has to be. Here are some tips for getting your drawers in order, no matter where they are.

Disregard the Disregardable

Before you get started, make a pact with yourself not to get overwhelmed by the mess of cleaning. Things may look worse before they look better, and that’s okay! We still suggest emptying your drawers to completion. Laying everything out will allow you to identify the items that are rubbish and can be discarded. Depending on how long it’s been, you may find forgotten treasures in the mix as a reward!

Marry Function with Design

You’re more likely to keep your drawers in order if they’re pleasing to look at. We suggest lining your drawers with stylish store-bought liners or non-slip mats, which can help keep loose items looking orderly and in place. The bottom of your drawers also provide an opportunity to use bold, exciting wallpapers. Multi-compartment organizers and drawer dividers can be store-bought or DIY’d to suit your tastes for added flair.

Draw New Lines

Try to forget about where items were stored and stay open to new systems as you organize. You may find you have more space in a certain kitchen drawer than you did before. It’s fine to use this space for non-kitchen items still looking for a home—you make the rules. If you’re keen on labeling, this is a great time to designate certain spaces. A small marker can do a lot to uphold the integrity of your system!

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