With summer only a month away, many people are beginning to look for fun ways to celebrate the season from the comfort of their own home. Today, we’ll be offering some ideas on how to energize life at home with a few style accessories, your existing furniture, and a little creativity!

Collect Vibrant Colors

Decor lovers know that changing up the details of your home can help it feel timely all year long. Add brightly colored fruit to the grocery list (oranges, lemons, bananas), which not only look great in a decorative bowl in your kitchen—they’re good for you, too! Bright towels, lampshades, flowers, throw pillowcases, and bedding can help liven up other areas of the home as well.

Take It All Outside

If you haven’t already christened your patio, now is the time to go all out with sprucing it up for a lighthearted afternoon. We suggest a beautiful day without a chance of rain to bring your favorite linens, plates, glasses, food, and drink and celebrate for the sake of it. If you have them, an ‘inside-out’ day can also be a fun way to entertain the kids! Bring the crafts and activities outside.

Designing the perfect patio area is every homeowner’s dream. Whether you want to entertain friends, throw parties, or have a nice quiet space for rest and relaxation, an extented patio system is something you may want to look into. The Equinox Louvered Roof is a one of a kind patio shade system that complements any home and was designed for homeowners who have a love for entertaining outdoors.

Create a New Activity Area

Many households are working to find ways to coexist and find room for everyone’s various hobbies and interests. Now is a good time to reassess your furniture arrangements and see if there’s room to designate a new painting corner, gardening station, or fitness area. Time spent making room for the things you love is never a bad idea!

Contact Us for a Summer Makeover

If you’re finding that your bathroom or kitchen is not meeting your needs, it may be time for an update. River Oak Cabinetry provides highly professional kitchen remodeling in Aurora, Wheaton, and Naperville. We can install beautiful cabinetry, countertops, and fixtures that you’ll love to look at. Contact us today for an appointment.