With summer moving into its final act, you may find yourself itching to switch up the look of your home. By shifting your color scheme, updating the light fixtures, and re-organizing your products, you can give your bathroom a fresh, new look. When little changes won’t cut it, you can always contact us for a new and exciting bathroom design in Plainfield, IL.

Color Scheme

Beginning to transition your color palette can help your space feel of-the-moment. While it might not be time for full fall decorations just yet, you can take small steps by changing out the towels, soap dish, and bath mat. We recommend adopting a soft, late-summer color palette that hints at what’s to come. Think sage green, blue-grey, tan, and pale umber.

Light Fixtures

Light fixture looking a little lackluster? If you’re on the handier side (or have a handy friend who can help you), take a trip to your local hardware store to check out the selection. Don’t be afraid to pick out something totally different—trust your gut, and identify what sparks immediate joy. If it’s not a new fixture you need, a fresh switch plate might do the trick. 


Though this may be the simplest way to give your space a little face-lift, it might also make the biggest difference in your daily life. When organization habits start to slip, it can be hard to feel relaxed in what should be your personal oasis. Set aside an hour to set things right, and try to enjoy the process! We suggest putting on a podcast and calling it ‘me time.’

Bathroom Designs In Plainfield, IL

River Oak Cabinetry and Design is dedicated to making your dreams a reality. No matter what your vision may be, when looking for a new bathroom design in Plainfield, IL, turn to our award-winning team for advice. We can’t wait to hear from you!