Quality kitchen cabinets can be built to last a lifetime. Cabinets have an essential function in the most important rooms of your home, which may be why it’s so challenging for some people to confidently undertake kitchen designs in Naperville. The River Oak Cabinetry team can help. Our design professionals and remodeling experts can help make sure that you make all the right choices when it comes to remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, including installing stunning cabinets.

Cabinets We Install

  • Base Cabinets

Essential in every kitchen, base cabinets have a standard size of 24” deep and 34.5” tall, putting them around waist-height for most adults. Custom cabinets can be made to any size that suits your family.

  • Wall Cabinets

Affixed to the wall, these cabinets provide necessary storage for frequently used items. Dishes, pantry items, and kitchen equipment is right at home in a standard wall cabinet.

  • Tall Cabinets

Not all of us are blessed with a walk-in pantry! For those looking to store dry and canned goods, brooms, or cleaning supplies, tall cabinets provide an excellent option. These types of cabinets are sized based on ceiling height.

  • Specialty Units

Specialty units help ensure your kitchen meets your unique needs, making the most of your square footage. These include corner cabinets, wine racks, and sink and cooktop fronts.

Form and Function

To help our clients live their best at-home life, we ensure that neither aesthetics nor functionality is missing from their final installation. By consulting with our clients on their everyday routines, collections, and personal preferences, we gather the information needed to design their perfect space.

Custom and Semi-Custom Cabinets

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being picky! To make sure our clients get exactly what they want, we provide custom and semi-custom cabinets made right here in the USA. Semi-custom cabinets typically provide some personalization options such as color and finishing touches. Custom cabinets allow for every aspect to be made to your exact specifications, including the dimensions, materials, color, and fixtures.

Kitchen Designs in Naperville

River Oak Cabinetry installs American Made cabinets that will stand the test of time for their aesthetics and quality. The kitchen designs in Naperville that we present to our clients are always carefully thought through, keeping their lifestyle, collections, and personal style at the top of mind. We would love to be in touch with you to discuss your design ideas! Please contact us today to get started.