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Kitchen Remodeling
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Kitchen Remodeling
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Kitchen Remodeling
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Kitchen Remodeling
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Naperville kitchen remodeling is never just about getting the aesthetics right

We know – because we’ve worked with a fair number of homeowners who have had serious needs that can only be solved with expertly-led remodeling projects. Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t just add beauty to the space; it also enhances the value of your home.

Kitchen is the heart of the home

We all agree, the kitchen is a central space, no matter the size or location of your home. Whether you want to get started with River Oak today or are looking for some kitchen inspiration, River Oak has what you need!

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River Oak Cabinetry can help bring your Naperville kitchen remodeling dreams to life

We’re all about listening to homeowners who see the potential in their kitchens. The process begins with contacting us via our website form, where you will learn about our levels of investment, and we will learn about your project.  A team member will contact you to discuss the overall vision for your kitchen.

River Oak Cabinetry & Design has been diligently working for many years, one remodeling project at a time, to create a lasting legacy that our customers will never forget. When we start your project, you are our focus. We will not leave your home, to manage a project at another home. 

We love bringing beauty and efficiency to every project

We have a long track record that shows just how passionate we are about remodeling. To us, what matters the most is that homeowners like you will have the confidence that what you envision will be the same thing you see once River Oak Cabinetry & Design has completed its mission.

We are the only team of experts in Naperville and surrounding areas that you’ll ever want to work on your kitchen. We make sure of two things immediately: that the space is upgraded beautifully and the needs of the homeowners are met.

We’ve completed hundreds of remodeling projects to date, and we’re proud of the fact that we’ve even attracted the attention of local media. But all that glam is nothing compared to the delighted, satisfied look on our clients’ faces when they see the incredible transformations we bring. It’s practical. It’s magical. It’s kitchen remodeling the way it was supposed to be done.


River Oak Cabinetry & Design offers creative design as well as professional and expert installation.  We specialize in Naperville kitchen remodeling.

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Benefits of

Kitchen Remodeling Naperville

Lifestyle & Functionality

Overall, homeowners must create a space that reflects their style, activities, and tastes. Rather than altering your lifestyle to fit your kitchen, why not change the area to suit your needs? A kitchen’s functionality and utility can quickly improve with zoning, layout, and lighting changes.

You will be happier to have an attractive, updated, and appealing space. What you liked fifteen or more years ago may no longer suit your tastes or lifestyle.  It may be time for a Naperville kitchen remodeling project if you are already weary of an outdated and aesthetically unappealing kitchen.

Increased property value

Whether you modestly remodel or invest more extensively, the resale value of your property will increase. Statistics show that kitchen renovations have a significant impact on property buyers. Everyone likes a nicely remodeled kitchen. It’s also much easier for potential home buyers to imagine living in a new home if the kitchen is updated.

Not only is there a monetary value, there is a daily value to the quality of your life, and the ease at which you will move through your new space.  Will you entertain more? Will you eat at home more? Will you shop less because your kitchen is now organized and you can easily determine what you have on hand?  

Aging in place

Almost 90% of adults over the age of 65 desire to age at home, so they can be close to family and to things that they hold dear. As we get older, many homes become inaccessible and sometimes downright dangerous to someone entering their advanced years.

While aging in place or creating a home that is ADA compliant could necessitate a whole house makeover, the kitchen and bathrooms are a fantastic place to start. As we get older, renovating the kitchen to make it wheelchair accessible with smooth floors, under-counter storage, and other features can make a big difference when the time for these amenities com

Energy Efficiency

Old appliances are known for pulling a lot of electricity, and the ones in your kitchen may be costing you more money in energy than you realize. Newer and more energy-efficient appliances are readily available and could save you a lot of money in the long term.

In addition to appliances, there are a plethora of LED lighting options to provide trendy looks without the energy consumption or radiating heat of yesteryear’s products.

Fully customizable

With an award-winning design team on your side, and the installation team to bring your dream to reality, your Naperville kitchen remodel can be customized to your every detail.  Do you have culinary goals and want a baking center? Do you need two dishwashers instead of one? Do you have a special collection you wish to display?

Customization is the answer to all your kitchen goals whether it’s better storage, specialized appliances, or seating a crowd for the holidays or every day!


Reduced Maintenance

Deteriorating appliances, tiles, countertops, lighting, and cabinetry can cost a lot of money and take up a lot of your time if you have to make unexpected repairs. Unfortunately, the costs add up eventually, and the results of your efforts are likely less than what you envisioned.

A run-down kitchen is both inconvenient and costly. Renovations and upgrades may be a better use of your money and time, than repairs.



Good remodeling projects provide better return on investment (ROI), and experts can complete the work faster, too, compared to DIY remodeling projects. While DIY projects are fun, they can render your kitchen inaccessible or unusable for weeks or months at a time. Since the kitchen is a crucial area of the home, there can be plenty of inconvenience and stress involved, too.

Compare this scenario with the idea of working with the experienced hand and scheduled production of experts.

Imagine how career professionals can transform your space into an even more functional place for warm get-togethers and memorable conversations. Kitchen remodeling can also be necessary if there are family members who have special mobility needs. Ensuring that this place is accessible to everyone in the household makes sense – we can help make that happen.

the need for beauty is the starting point

The need or desire to redesign a kitchen frequently begins with aesthetic points before practical considerations. As you get your day started, cracked tiles, dismal paint schemes, and outdated countertops catch your eye every morning. This is when you begin to realize that on top of problems with the kitchen’s appearance, there are also functional flaws preventing you from maximizing the space.

You may have a lot of cabinets, but they’re difficult to get to. You have a large kitchen island, but it appears to be used only to store mail and dog leashes. What is up with this space, you ask yourself. And this is where many stories of successful kitchen remodeling begin – with the awareness that the kitchen can be better.

Time to start your Naperville kitchen remodeling project?

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