Artists and designers alike have always been fascinated by the way different colors interact with one another and the way it makes us feel. While most people will stick to neutral tones for their most permanent fixtures, adding bolder accessories is a low-commitment way to explore and enjoy color at home.

Get Hooked on a Feeling

When getting started on a new bathroom design in Naperville, Aurora, or any of the surrounding communities, it’s important to begin with the end result: how do you want to feel in the bathroom? Many people will say they are seeking spa-like serenity in their washroom, but others prefer a fun and energizing space to get ready in. Consider what mood you want to be in when you visit your private space.

Use the Color Wheel to Find Balance

Love the color teal, but unsure of what to pair with it? You may want to take a look at a classic color wheel or another circular representation of the spectrum. Following the suggestions of color theory, the color opposite of teal (a warm pink), and the colors on either side of it (blue and green) may provide the best complements.

The Rules of Three

There are two different ‘rules of three’ you may want to follow for a successful color application. First, try not to incorporate more than three main colors; if the walls are blue, your cabinets are tan, and your towels are peach, it may be hard to incorporate a new hue without making the room look busy. Second, if you’re adding a new color, try to work it into at least three different places, such as the towels, the soap dish, and the rug.

Bathroom Design in Aurora

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