Kitchen remodeling in Naperville can transform any dingy room into your dream kitchen, but if you aren’t ready for a full reconstruction use these guidelines from River Oak Cabinetry to expand your space. 

Open Shelving

Removing the doors on your cabinets to create open shelving can instantly give the illusion of more space. But keep in mind this trick only works if you can declutter. Keep your shelves clean and organized for the ultimate minimalist look. 

Using Vertical Space

The best kitchen remodeling tip in Naperville is taking advantage of vertical space. Often times a small kitchen has little prep or floor space to hold kitchen utensils. Instead, build upwards by adding hanging shelves for your spices, magnetic strips to hold your knives or pegboards to hang your pots and pans. 

Bright & Light

A dark kitchen can feel gloomy and crowded, but a narrow space can be transformed with a little extra brightness. Remove the curtains from your windows to allow maximum sun and paint your walls white to reflect the light. Add extra lighting over the kitchen island, inside the cupboards and anywhere else to make the area feel airy and open. 

Integrated Appliances

A small kitchen filled with too many colors can look overwhelming. Springing for customizable appliances such as a dishwasher and fridge that match the color of the rest of your cabinets will allow for a sleek and simple look. 

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