An ‘eclectic’ approach to design offers endless opportunities to make your space uniquely yours. Eclectic decorating brings together objects, colors, and patterns from different periods and places. The mix-and-match nature of eclectic decorating can help a space feel timeless. If you like a little old, a little new—this may be a great direction to go with your interior when remodeling! Here are some tips to help you pull it off.

Create Dimension with Your Details

Stay true to the concept of eclecticism by bringing variety in terms of texture, color, and time period. If you choose a clean, modern cabinet style in your kitchen, you may want to complement the look with traditionally ornate fixtures, dishes, and artwork. Try layering unexpected textures and patterns, such as with window treatments or placemats. Dimensional wall art, mirrors, and table-top decorations are a great addition for any eclectic style room.

Unify Your Theme

The key to pulling off an eclectic design is knowing when to reign bold choices in. Choose one basic neutral to unify the room’s color palette. Any color can be an accent, but using similar shades can help keep the room feeling chic and inspired rather than busy and distracting. You can and should pick statement pieces you love to look at; try to choose two items that complement each other but don’t exactly match.

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