Change is good! Those of us who love to redecorate know very well the flush of enthusiasm that comes with updating a room. While it may not always be practical to undertake a total redesign, a few simple tweaks can be very rewarding and leave you with a feeling of cozy satisfaction. Here are some ideas to help you refresh your space without spending too much time or money.

Highlight What Brings You Joy

In daily life, it’s common for our most-used items to shuffle their way to the front. These objects may be well-worn, utilitarian, or just plain necessary. But what about the beautiful serving bowl you only bring out for special occasions? We suggest finding or making space to showcase at least one object you truly love looking at, even if it’s not always practical.

Take “Freshening Up” Literally

If you’ve never bought flowers for yourself, now is the time! Fresh flowers or an attractive bowl of real fruit can inject energy and harmony into your kitchen that artificial options never could. The intoxicating scent of a floral arrangement will improve your mood, and the temptation of delicious fresh fruit on display may help you avoid less healthy snacks.

Incorporate Artistic Touches

Home chefs may have their creative eye trained on the meal, but that doesn’t mean your kitchen has to be all about food. Even with full fixtures installed, you probably have at least one space in your kitchen that can take on a work of art. Framed illustrations, small art objects, and decorative rugs can do a lot to energize your space.

When it’s time for a big change—call us! In addition to creating the custom kitchen cabinets of your dreams, we also offer bath remodeling in Plainfield. Our team at River Oak Cabinetry is prepared to work with your vision to create something you’ll truly love.