Consider River Oak Cabinetry & Design your premier Aurora Illinois bathroom remodeling company. We are here to bring your creative bathroom vision to life. As professional bathroom remodelers Aurora IL, we are well-versed in upgrading bathrooms to suit the current needs of homeowners.

We also strive to work closely with every homeowner to integrate their ideas into the design process. We want you to see your dream bathroom come to life. Change is always possible, no matter the age of the bathroom or the home. What is essential is you want to take the first step to be creative and inspired, and River Oak will take care of the rest. The ideal bathroom should not only be efficient – it should be comfortable and private and should feel like a sanctuary within your home.

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Bathroom Remodeling on Your Mind?

Most family baths look nothing like the luxurious bathrooms featured in the glossy pages of interior design magazines. Nevertheless, most people want beauty and efficiency in their design, whether their bathroom is heavily utilized with a bustling family, or a space for guests.

It’s time to jot everything down. Make a list of all the changes you would like to make: more storage, heated floors, better lighting. When designing a family bathroom, it’s essential to consider the needs of who will regularly use it, from parents and children to teenagers and preteens. Then, when you meet with professional bathroom remodelers Aurora IL, you can use this list to prepare for the project.

Finding enough storage space for a successful remodel of a bathroom can be challenging, but that’s what River Oak is here for! Towels, bulky items, and other toiletry necessities may require many storage cabinets and drawers. Be resourceful when it comes to keeping items in a family bath. For example, a step stool might be helpful if small children are in the house.

Let’s Talk About Space

Today, almost every bathroom in a new home has a “spa” or “retreat” feel because people enjoy having more room in their bathrooms. As a result, renovation and expansion of small, valuable bathrooms, which can be found in nearly every home built before 1980, has been a popular project for Aurora Illinois bathroom remodeling experts for many years.

When boosting square footage is out of the question because of local building codes, budget constraints, or other factors, you can still revert to certain principles that will help create a more spacious bathroom no matter the size of the existing bathroom. The illusion of space can be made using light, soft colors on the walls and floor. Recommend that your customers use vibrant, exciting colors on their towels and decorations instead of strong colors. The choice of color is mainly subjective.

Glass and reflective surfaces are frequently suggested in a small bathroom design by design experts. To give the appearance of more overall space in the bathroom, you should remove the shower curtain and replace it with a clear glass door instead. Additionally, if you’ve invested in beautiful tile in your shower or tub area, glass doors allow you to see it every time you enter your remodeled space. Keeping mirrors, glass elements and lighting clean really help to brighten any space.

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