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Like it or not, the bathroom in your house is going to get a lot of traffic. Your bathroom cabinetry impacts the feel of the room, so it is important to have shelving and cabinetry that you love. Great cabinet design in the bathroom not only expresses your personal aesthetic, but helps to create a functional space.

The process of buying cabinets for your bathroom is similar to that of buying cabinets in the kitchen. You’ll need to be clear about your specific needs and desires. Think about your storage needs as well as the layout of the bathroom. The experts at River Oak Cabinetry can help you determine the best fit for your bathroom cabinets!

Cabinet Materials and Finishes

The high traffic of the bathroom means you need materials and finishes that can sustain wear and tear. Spending a bit more at first may save you from needing replacements in the future.

Doors and Accessories

The style of your cabinets is greatly enhanced by door choice and accessories. Each price level will have options for different doors that range from craftsman to modern. Generally, you’ll want to have a uniform look throughout the bathroom when it comes to the doors. This includes hardware like handles, hinges, and knobs.

Cabinetry in the bathroom isn’t all about looks. Don’t let aesthetics prevent you from having an easy to use bathroom. There are many functional accessories available. The higher range of cabinetry offers features such as electrical outlets inside doors, accessory garages, and built-in drawer dividers.


Bathroom cabinets are usually 34½ inches tall and 21 inches deep. Kitchen cabinetry can also be used in bathrooms with just slight specification differences. To optimize your bathroom, keep in mind what you’ll need to store when picking cabinets.

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Whether you are looking for a traditional cabinet or a contemporary cabinet, a painted cabinet or a stained cabinet, a framed cabinet or a frameless cabinet, River Oak Cabinetry can fulfill your desires. Call us today at 630.355.7900.

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