Kitchen remodeling in Glen Ellyn may be easier than you think!

Many people believe that the kitchen is the heart of any home. No matter where you live, and no matter what you do, there will always be great memories made in the kitchen with family and friends.

We are reliant on our kitchens – this is where meal prep and cooking takes place, as well as homework, planning and entertaining. There’s no need to work in a cramped or outdated kitchen. When you realize that you have outgrown your kitchen or have new needs that must be addressed, and it’s time for kitchen remodeling Glen Ellyn, then we at River Oak Cabinetry & Design are prepared to help bring your dreams to life, with ease.

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functionality is king

Kitchen remodeling in Glen Ellyn can go several ways, but functionality is the most critical need people want addressed. Kitchen functionality varies, depending on your lifestyle and the people using the space. There are also special considerations like making a kitchen wheelchair accessible or safe for visual disabilities.

we love challenges

Our team of kitchen remodeling experts can address any special needs, or requests.  At River Oak, we love challenges, and our long track record of  accomplished projects is a testament to our commitment to bringing the benefits of kitchen remodeling closer to the people of Glen Ellyn.


River Oak Cabinetry & Design offers creative design as well as professional and expert installation.  We specialize in kitchen and bath remodeling.

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Glen Ellyn Kitchen Remodeling

efficient layout

While a kitchen may have the most beautiful cabinets, technologically advanced appliances, and high-end finishes, none of these matter if the layout does not meet the needs of the homeowner’s lifestyle. Here’s how to design an efficient layout that meets your needs and maximizes the use of your space.

Make Your Kitchen Functional Again​

When planning a kitchen remodel, it’s critical to consider the space’s intended use. Consider your cooking style and the appliances you’ll require. Discuss whether you want people in the kitchen while cooking or prefer people sitting on the other side of a breakfast bar, conversing with the cook. How a kitchen should function is a highly personal decision, and a floor plan should reflect this.

Examine Some Guidelines

While no two kitchens are identical, all kitchen designs must adhere to state and local codes. Additionally, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) provides guidelines for creating a more functional space. For instance, if a kitchen only has one sink, the NKBA recommends placing it adjacent to or across the cooking surface and refrigerator. The sink should be surrounded on one side by a 24-inch-wide landing area and the other by at least an 18-inch-wide landing area. The appliance’s closest edge should be within 36 inches of the nearest edge of a cleanup/prep sink to maximize convenience when it comes to dishwasher placement.

Triangle or Workstation?

Traditionally, the stove, sink, and refrigerator were located at the triangle points to facilitate kitchen movement.

More people have taken up cooking, and there are generally more people in the kitchen than there were decades ago. So when there are more people in the space, the triangle layout becomes less relevant.

While the tried-and-true triangle design is still effective in smaller kitchens with a single cook, there is a more efficient design for more extensive, busier kitchens: workstations. Each standard task station (prep, cooking, storage, and cleanup) and more specialized ones (baking and canning, for example) is centered around a large appliance and a landing area of at least 15 inches of the adjacent countertop.

Where Do You Place the Island?

Islands, which remain popular, are an excellent way to add informal seating to a kitchen and additional prep and storage space. Rather than a single level of the countertop, contemporary islands frequently include multiple levels and customized features such as prep sinks, second dishwashers, and warming drawers. In addition, islands are ideal for open shelving for cookbooks, integrated wine storage, and illuminated display areas. Any kitchen design that incorporates an island must include a minimum of 42 inches of space surrounding it.

Keep It Simple

A well-lit kitchen is necessary for proper operation; this requires blending and layering four distinct types of light: decorative, accent, ambient, and task. No single light source works for each area and task in the kitchen. The kitchen is a complex space, and its lighting system needs to be planned out.

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