It’s Your Space. Let’s Make it Work for You!

For many people, owning their own home is a dream come true in itself. Most of our time is spent at home—a lot of it in the kitchen and bathroom! We believe that these rooms should reflect your style and perfectly suit your needs. At River Oak Cabinetry, we are dedicated to helping our clients make their homes beautiful and comfortable with fine craftsmanship and the utmost attention to detail.

Smart Solutions for Your Floor Plan

River Oak Cabinetry specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Naperville, Wheaton, and Aurora. Our expert designers have an eye for assessing the functionality of the space and finding solutions that make life at home easier and more enjoyable. If all you need is an upgrade, we can work to incorporate what you love, and improve on what you don’t!

Meet Your Storage Needs

Often when we connect with clients, one of the first things that come up is finding a solution for clutter. Clutter is what happens when your available storage is insufficient for your necessities and collections. When planning bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Naperville, we ask our clients about what items they use every day, what items they wish they had better access to, and what seems to get in the way. With these answers, we then create a game-plan to prioritize space for essential items and make room for organized storage.

Expert Installation of Appliances

You will love the convenience of new, modern features in your kitchen or bath! We can help you choose from the vast array of appliances and gadgets one must consider when designing their dream kitchen or bathroom. Our team has experience installing many different bathroom and kitchen appliances and can guide you towards what will work best for your needs.

We Consider Everything—Including Your Time

When it comes to bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Naperville, the results are always worth the time put in. However, giving up the use of your kitchen or bathroom can be very inconvenient—especially if there’s only one of each in the house! That’s why our team takes our timeline into careful consideration before we start a project. We do our best to work efficiently and communicate with every client in order to make the process as streamlined as can be. 

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in Naperville

Whether you have clear goals or are only beginning to dream about the possibilities for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project in Naperville, reach out to us! We would love to schedule an appointment with you to discuss your ideas and show samples at our showroom. Let us help make your bathroom or kitchen the best it can be!