When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Aurora, picking the right cabinets is one of the top priorities to consider. Beautiful cabinets can help make spending time in the heart of your home a joy for family and friends alike. On top of bringing style and functionality to your everyday life, well-crafted cabinetry can add value to your home should you decide to sell. The River Oak Cabinetry team is experienced at helping homeowners pick cabinets they are sure to love for years to come.

Cabinet Types

  • Base Cabinets

When purchasing ready-made cabinets, base cabinets have a standard size of 24” deep and 34.5” tall. Custom and semi-custom cabinets can be modified to whatever height and width that works best for your home.

  • Wall Cabinets

Perfect for storing dishes, pantry items, or cooking equipment, top-level wall cabinets are typically 12” deep. As with base cabinets, custom and semi-custom designs are modifiable.

  • Tall Cabinets

Ideal for broom storage or pantry items, tall cabinets are a great option for many households. The dimensions of tall cabinets are usually based off of the height of your kitchen ceilings.

  • Specialty Units

Corner cabinets, sink and cooktop fronts, and bottle racks are specialty cabinet units that can help you make the most of your square footage while keeping things tasteful and on-theme.

Custom and Semi-Custom Cabinets

Custom and semi-custom cabinetry is ideal for those who are serious about investing in the look of their kitchen. River Oak Cabinetry provides our customers with custom and semi-custom cabinetry made right here in the USA. Our semi-custom cabinet models are built to standard sizes, with some room for personalization when it comes to color, style, and finishing touches. 

Our fully customized cabinets provide the ultimate spread of options in terms of size, style, and material. While semi-custom cabinets will be standard in some respects; fully custom cabinets allow full creativity and total uniqueness. If choosing everything about the size, shape, depth, finish, and accessories of your cabinets is important to you, custom cabinets are the way to go! 

Kitchen Remodeling in Aurora

If you’re unsatisfied with the state of your kitchen for any reason, be it unattractive cabinets, inadequate storage space, or outdated appliances and fixtures—give us a call! The River Oak Cabinetry team will listen carefully to what you’re looking for and offer insight on how to help perfect your at-home life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our designers.