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Your kitchen is probably the busiest space in your home. As we all know, everyone congregates in the kitchen! We depend on the space for meal preparation, entertaining, family gatherings, and even homework or craft projects.

Has your kitchen become less versatile?  Does it feel crowded or outdated? You need your kitchen to become the beating heart of your home once again. River Oak Cabinetry & Design is the premier Aurora IL kitchen remodeler specializing in beauty and efficiency.

River Oak Cabinetry & Design was built on the simple belief that by coupling creativity, excellent design skills, and a real-world understanding of how things should get done, you can deliver beautiful remodels and top-of-industry customer satisfaction

Our professional kitchen remodeling team at River Oak is well-versed in all aspects of upgrading kitchens. From the initial design to presenting you with the final reconstruction, we will guide you through all the decision-making every step of the way. You can relax and rely on River Oak to focus on your project for you, so all you really must do when we arrive is relax and watch your creative vision for your kitchen come to life.  The process is practical, but Aurora Illinois kitchen remodeling results are always magical.

We at River Oak have worked hard since opening our doors in 2009 to serve hundreds of homeowners to the best of our abilities. We believe in the value of expertise and knowledge, so we also have a team of expert tradesmen that will work together to bring your vision and our design to life.

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Whether you want to get started with River Oak today or are looking for some kitchen inspiration, River Oak has what you need!

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Tips for Aurora IL Kitchen Remodeling


If you’re like most people, you’ll use your kitchen appliances a lot more than anything else, so choose wisely. However, keep in mind that appliances and cabinetry should be balanced in your budget. Choosing appliances before considering cabinets, countertops, or other features can leave you with a limited budget and a constrained floor plan.

However, be careful about which appliances you buy.

Appliances like fridges and cooktops typically last some time so consider the features you require for the long term. If dishwashing is a daily occurrence, consider purchasing high-quality dishwasher drawers and dishwashers. According to recent surveys, stainless steel continues to be the most popular material in kitchens and bathrooms across the board.


Installation, tax, and delivery are all factors that can increase the cost of cabinetry. In addition, extra shelves, roll-out trays, and cabinets that extend to the ceiling all raise the price. Fitting out the corner cabinet will also be necessary.

Also, remember to get cabinets with soft-closing drawers and doors, which are no longer a luxury but are now essential for ease of use and enhancing resale value. Functionality is also a place to splurge.

It is more convenient to use base cabinets with drawers, but it is also more expensive to build wall cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling.

Save money on the cabinetry itself. Looking at them side-by-side, most people can’t distinguish between a veneered and a solid wood cabinet. The most luxurious looks are but an installation away. Today’s modern finishes bring an elegant look minus the crippling prices. Plywood, not particle board, should build cabinet sides and shelving. It is a wise investment for resale value and long-term durability.


With an award-winning design team on your side, and the installation team to bring your dream to reality, your Naperville kitchen remodel can be customized to your every detail.  Do you have culinary goals and want a baking center? Do you need two dishwashers instead of one? Do you have a special collection you wish to display?

Customization is the answer to all your kitchen goals whether it’s better storage, specialized appliances, or seating a crowd for the holidays or every day!



Deteriorating appliances, tiles, countertops, lighting, and cabinetry can cost a lot of money and take up a lot of your time if you have to make unexpected repairs. Unfortunately, the costs add up eventually, and the results of your efforts are likely less than what you envisioned.

A run-down kitchen is both inconvenient and costly. Renovations and upgrades may be a better use of your money and time, than repairs.


Kitchen remodeling in Aurora is easier than ever!

Ultimately, your kitchen will reflect your aesthetics and lifestyle. Homeowners have to decide how much to invest in their Aurora kitchen remodel as well as what are the most important places to spend their money in the kitchen.  There are no hard-and-fast rules, however in speaking with River Oak you will begin to understand the general costs of the items you wish for in your dream kitchen.

For the gourmet chef, it’s possible to justify an increased budget for appliances and purchase a high-end cooktop. A warming drawer and a wine cooler are considered essentials by someone who hosts guests frequently. Conversely, the busy, growing family needs storage, storage, and more storage. Did we mention storage?

According to experts, the kitchen is the best place to invest your money. The ROI (return on investment) continues to outshine other home improvements. For a kitchen you plan to enjoy for several years and would like in the near future, consider using alternatives for items that are pushing your investment comfort zone. You can focus on a baseline of upgrades that will improve the quality of your home and lifestyle now. What is the value of living in a space that matches your aesthetics and encourages you to live joyfully, each and every day?